Life is worthless without music, It can be defined as a universal language that connects people together with an unseen emotion. Which can be performed with and without any musical instruments like guitar, violin, flute, etc.

But technically, It is a sound produced by some musical instruments by compiling certain emotions and ideas in an effective form. Try Our Music trivia refers to a wide range of interesting obscure facts and information about music, musicians, and the music industry.

Music History Trivia

Music History Trivia
  1. How old is the oldest song ever recovered?
    Answer: 3000 Years Old
  2. What kind of music from Roman Catholic Church is the most common music genre from the middle age?
    Answer: Gregorian Chant
  3. In which century, The classical music developed?
    Answer: 18th Century
  4. What were the devices helping people to access music in the 20th century?
    Answer: Radio and TVs
  5. How old is the oldest discovered musical instrument?
    Answer: 60,000 years (Source)
  6. The oldest recorded melody is about how many years old?
    Answer: 3000 years old
  7. Who was the opera singer who died on the stage in 1960?
    Answer: Leonard Warren
  8. Who composed the “Cat’s Fugue” after his cat?
    Answer: Domenico Scarlatti
  9. What was the Most-Streamed Song of the 20th Century?
    Answer: Wonderwall (Source)
  10. Who was the king of Rock and Roll?
    Answer: Elvis Presley

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Hard Music Trivia Questions and Answers

Hard Music Trivia Questions
  1. What is the oldest musical composition in the World?
    Answer: Seikilos Epitaph
  2. The longest concert on the 150th anniversary of Canada performed by which musical group?
    Answer: Epidemic Music Group
  3. How long the world’s longest marathon drumming was?
    Answer: 3 days, 8 hours, and 2 minutes
  4. When did Thomas Dorsay switch his carrier from secular music to gospel music?
    Answer: 1931 ( After his wife’s Death)
  5. How many aluminum tubes are used in Simon Desorgher’s musical instrument?
    Answer: 120
  6. Who was the English singer who performed in the 2012 London Olympics opening ceremony for £1?
    Answer: Paul McCartney
  7. What is the date referred to as “The Day the Music Died”?
    Answer: February 3
  8. What was the song of Gioachino Rossini also known as the Rice Aria?
    Answer: “Di Tanti Palpiti”
  9. There are how many pieces of wood used to make a Violin?
    Answer: 70
  10. From which movie famous actress Julie Andrews learned to play Guitar?
    Answer: Sound of Music
  11. Who were the famous musicians who died in a plane crash on February 3, 1959?
    Answer: Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, and the Big Bopper
  12. What is the length of the shortest tube of Simon Desorgher’s instrument?
    Answer: 473mm
  13. How many participants participated in the largest erhu ensemble held in Raoyang, China?
    Answer: 2024
  14. When was ancient music composer “Joseph Haydn‘s” skull discovered?
    Answer: June 28, 1954
  15. What was the song Yuri Gagarin sang on Space?
    Answer: ‘My Homeland Hears’
  16. In which song Beatles sang about marijuana?
    Answer: “Got to Get You Into My Life”

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Easy Music Trivia Questions and Answers

Easy Music Trivia
  1. How much time do Americans spend listening to music in a day?
    Answer: Minimum 4hr
  2. Who is still the best-selling solo artist in the world?
    Answer: Elvis Presley
  3. How many notes are there in American Music?
    Answer: 12
  4. Approximately, There are how many musical instruments available in the World?
    Answer: Over 1500
  5. What is the meaning of the word “Karaoke” in Japanese?
    Answer: Empty Orchestra
  6. What is the material used in the Piano Frame?
    Answer: Cast Iron
  7. Which University examined that Musicians Have Shorter Life Spans than general people?
    Answer: University of Sydney
  8. Who was the singer who died after singing “to die, a momentous thing”?
    Answer: Leonard Warren
  9. Who was the American astronaut who sang a song in space?
  10. Who has most of hits on country music than other artists?
    Answer: George Strait
  11. What was the profession of the popular singer Madonna before being a singer?
    Answer: Drummer at band Breakfast Club

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Music Awards and Achievements Trivia

Music Award and Achievement Trivia
  1. What is the most selling album of all time?
    Answer: Thriller
  2. What was the first rap song to win the Oscar?
    Answer: “Lose Yourself” by Eminem
  3. Who is the first Latin artist to become no 1 on Spotify?
    Answer: Daddy Yankee
  4. Who was the first singer who have 100 million likes on Facebook?
    Answer: Shakira
  5. The song “Despacito” holds how many world records?
    Answer: Seven
  6. The world’s longest music concert took place in where?
    Answer: Stouffville, Canada
  7. Who holds Gunnies’ world record for the change of the most number of guitar strings in one hour?
    Answer: Thomas Silkman
  8. Which country hosted the largest harmonica ensemble?
    Answer: Honk Kong
  9. According to the Guinness world record, What is the shortest pop hit in the World?
    Answer: “Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen”
  10. Who has hosted the largest free concert in the world?
    Answer: Rod Stewart
  11. What is the largest performing rock band in the World?
    Answer: The Rockin’ 1000
  12. The world’s biggest triangle ensemble was arranged by whom?
    Answer: David Stanley
  13. The world’s largest shamisen ensemble took place in which city in Japan?
    Answer: Tokyo

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Music Trivia Questions by Age Group

Music Trivia for Kids

Music Trivia for Kids
  1. Mostly how many people can play piano at the same time?
    Answer: 23
  2. What is the largest pop group in the world by team members?
    Answer: 120 Members
  3. Which country is the Origin of Opera Music?
    Answer: Italy
  4. Who is known as the father of symphony?
    Answer: Joseph Haydn
  5. Mozart has a chocolate brand named after him, What was its name?
    Answer: Mozartkugel or Mozart ball
  6. Mozartkugel or Mozart ball chocolates are popular in which country?
    Answer: Austria
  7. Who was the father of Bluegrass music?
    Answer: Bill Monroe
  8. What was the former name of the musical group “maroon 5”?
    Answer: Kara’s Flowers
  9. During the recording of which song, A dog entered Led Zeppelin’s studio and he named that song the name of the dog?
    Answer: Black Dog
  10. What is the origin of the bagpipe musical instrument?
    Answer: Ancient Egypt
  11. Who is the father of Gospel Music?
    Answer: Thomas Dorsey
  12. Which country holds the oldest musical traditions in the World?
    Answer: India

Music Trivia for Seniors

  1. Who was the romantic musician from the 19th century who stuck his hands into an animal’s guts for the cure?
    Answer: Robert Schumann
  2. Which music Composer from the 18th century had two skulls?
    Answer: Joseph Haydn
  3. Who was the most outstanding musician kidnapped three times for his extraordinary voice?
    Answer: Orlando de Lassus
  4. The word “Hipster” came from what music?
    Answer: Jazz Music
  5. What song turned Jimmy Dean into a stunning singer and opened long-term career opportunities?
    Answer: “Big Bad John.”
  6. There are how many kinds of music therapy available for treatment and what are these?
    Answer: Two “Active and Receptive”
  7. Who had once told Elvis Presley that he has no talent after the failure of his first stage performance?
    Answer: Jimmy Denny
  8. What is the oldest musical instrument found on earth?
    Answer: Neanderthal flute (60,000 Years Old)
  9. ABBA is a band name from which country?
    Answer: Sweden

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Music Trivia by Types

Opera Music

Opera Music Trivia
  1. Who was the female Australian opera singer who died during a facelifting operation in 1931?
    Answer: Nellie Melba
  2. Who was the popular opera singer from the 19th century who wore the most expensive costume during the performance?
    Answer: Adelina Patti
  3. What do you mean by the term from the Latin “Opera”?
    Answer: Means Work
  4. What is the birthplace of Jean-Baptiste Lully?
    Answer: Florence, Italy
  5. Where was the first official opera show organized?
    Answer: 1600
  6. When were women allowed to sing opera on stage?
    Answer: 17th Century
  7. Who was the first of the great castrato in Opera music?
    Answer: Baldassare Ferri
  8. Because of what, Opera singers can project their voices over a full orchestra?
    Answer: Different sound frequency
  9. Who is remembered as the father of “French Opera”?
    Answer: Jean-Baptiste Lully
  10. What was Mozart’s first opera?
    Answer: “Apollo et Hyacinthus”

Country Music

  1. Which city is best known for country music?
    Answer: Nashville, Tennessee
  2. Who was the first African-American performer on the Grand Ole Opry?
    Answer: DeFord Bailey
  3. The Bluegrass country music originated from which city?
    Answer: Kentucky, USA
  4. What was the first country music made with a Guitar?
    Answer: Arkansas Traveler
  5. Who is also known as the king of country music?
    Answer: George Strait
  6. What is the city known as the birthplace of country music?
    Answer: Bristol, Tennessee
  7. Who was the person to record the first commercial country music?
    Answer: Ralph Peer
  8. In which decade, The country music known as “Old Familiar Tunes”?
    Answer: 1920s
  9. What were the instruments used at the beginning of country music?
    Answer: The Banjo, Fiddle, the Accordion, and the Autoharp
  10. When was the guitar used in Country music?
    Answer: 1938

National Anthem

  1. Which country has the shortest National Anthem in the World?
    Answer: Japan
  2. Which country’s National Anthem composer was locked by his girlfriend to compose the National Anthem?
    Answer: Mexico
  3. Which country has the longest national anthem of 158 stanzas?
    Answer: Greece
  4. Which two countries have split their National Anthem into two Verses?
    Answer: Czech Republic and Slovakia
  5. Which two countries have the same national anthem?
    Answer: Greece and Cyprus
  6. Who composed the National Anthem of Costa Rica?
    Answer: Captain Manuel Maria Gutierrez
  7. Which country has the oldest National Anthem?
    Answer: Netherland
  8. Which country is best known for its National Anthem has no words?
    Answer: Bosnia
  9. Which country has no national anthem of its own?
    Answer: Austria
  10. Who wrote the National Anthem of Saint Helena from some postcards?
    Answer: Dave Mitchell

Jazz Music

  1. The most common musical instruments used in Jazz are called?
    Answer: Piano Trio
  2. What were dance forms inspired by Jazz?
    Answer: Waltz and Tango
  3. What are the +ve effects of listening to jazz music?
    Answer: Reduce Anxiety and Stress
  4. What is the most popular subgenre of Jazz?
    Answer: Jazz-funk
  5. Charleston dance style was inspired by which music?
    Answer: Jazz
  6. What is the origin of Jazz Music?
    Answer: Unknown

Rock Music Trivia

  1. What is the real name of Axl Rose?
    Answer: William Bailey
  2. He was earning how much by smoking cigarettes for a science experiment at UCLA?
    Answer: $8
  3. When was Rock Music banned in Iran?
    Answer: 1979
  4. In which year was the song “Rock The Casbah” released?
    Answer: 1982
  5. Which Irish songwriter got his nickname from “hearing-aid store”?
    Answer: Bono
  6. What was the name of the 14 years old Girl Whom Jimmy Page dated during touring with Led Zeppelin?
    Answer: Lori Maddox
  7. The logo design of Rolling Stone was inspired by which Goddes?
    Answer: Kali
  8. What was the name of the song written by Angelina Jolie’s uncle?
    Answer: Wild Thing
  9. Which rock band got its name from their high school teacher, Who had been suspending students having long hair?
    Answer: Lynyrd Skynyrd
  10. Brian Jones was proficient in how many musical instruments?
    Answer: 60 Musical Instruments

RAP Music Trivia

  1. Who has the most words in a RAP song?
    Answer: Eminem
  2. Eminem’s first album “Infinite” sold how many copies worldwide?
    Answer: Approximately 1000 Copies’
  3. Who is the most successful rap song producer of all time?
    Answer: Dr. Dre
  4. Who was the rapper who shot himself at the age of 12 with a 9mm pistol?
    Answer: Lil Wayne
  5. Very few women achieve mainstream success in rap music, Do you know who is the most successful female rap artist in the World?
    Answer: Nicki Minaj
  6. Which was the first commercial RAP music song in the World?
    Answer: Rapper’s Delight
  7. Who is the most financially successful HIP Hop artist in the world?
    Answer: Kanye West (Source)
  8. What’s the most-sold rap album of all time?
    Answer: The Marshall Mathers LP
  9. Who popularised the term “Hip Hop” in the United States?
    Answer: Keef Cowboy
  10. When was Run-DMC founded?
    Answer: 1981
  11. What is the origin of RAP music?
    Answer: NewYork, United States

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Musical Instruments Trivia

Music Trivia by Decades
  1. The original violin strings are made with which material?
    Answer: Animal Intestine
  2. What is the origin of the Violin?
    Answer: Italy
  3. When and where was the first Guitar created?
    Answer: Ancient Egypt
  4. The saxophone has been named after its inventor, What is his name?
    Answer: Adolphe Sax
  5. Nowadays, how many types of saxophones are used all over the world?
    Answer: Six Types
  6. What is the smallest component of the Flute family?
    Answer: The Piccolo
  7. According to Guinness world records, What is the length of the world’s longest guitar?
    Answer: 13 meters in length (about 43ft)
  8. The largest drumset has been created by Whom with 813 pieces?
    Answer: Mark Temperato
  9. A violinist can burn how many calories per hour by playing the violin?
    Answer: 170 calories
  10. What was the first musical instrument created by humans?
    Answer: Neanderthal flute
  11. How old is the design of the modern violin we are using?
    Answer: Approximately 500 Years
  12. What was the cost of the most expensive Guitar ever sold in the World?
    Answer: $2.8million
  13. How many calories can be burned by 1hr of drumming?
    Answer: 600
  14. What is the material used to make the saxophone?
    Answer: Brass
  15. The term violin comes from Latin, What is the meaning of violin in English?
    Answer: Female Cow
  16. Which guitar brand made the most expensive Guitar of all time?
    Answer: Gibson
  17. Who is the inventor of the modern concert flute?
    Answer: Theobald Boehm
  18. Which country invented the bongo drums?
    Answer: Cuba
  19. Who developed the modern Violin?
    Answer: Andrea Amati
  20. The seven-string guitars were first developed by which brand?
    Answer: Ibanez

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Music Trivia Questions by Decades

90s Music Trivia

  1. Nate Dogg, Snoop Dogg, and Warren G once formed a band in 1992, What was its name?
    Answer: 213
  2. In the 1990s, Taylor Hawkins played drums for which band group?
    Answer: Foo Fighters
  3. Who composed the mandoline parts of “Losing My Religion”?
    Answer: Peter Buck
  4. What was the first pop song that used auto-tune?
    Answer: Believe (1998)
  5. “What’s My Age Again?” was originally titled what?
    Answer: Peter Pan Complex” (Source)

80s Music Trivia

  1. What was the most popular band in the 80s?
    Answer: Guns N’ Roses (Source)
  2. For possession of a half pound of marijuana, Who was the artist arrested in Tokyo in 1980?
    Answer: Paul McCartney
  3. What was the name of the lead singer of “AC/DC” died in 1980 due to Acute alcohol poisoning?
    Answer: Bon Scott
  4. When did the first Tbilisi Rock Festival happen?
    Answer: 8 March 1980
  5. When did Rock and Roll pioneer Bill Haley die?
    Answer: February 9, 1981

70s Music Trivia

  1. In 1974, Elvis Presley approached Dolly Parton about which song?
    Answer: “I Will Always Love You”
  2. The song “Wonderful Tonight” by Eric Clapton was about whom?
    Answer: Pattie Boyd
  3. “Smoke On The Water” is the song by which rock band?
    Answer: Deep Purple
  4. The anti-American song “Bored With USA” was by whom?
    Answer: The Clash
  5. The song “Sick Again” is about whom?
    Answer: A Child Slave

60s Music Trivia

  1. What movie saved “20th-century fox” from being bankrupt?
    Answer: “Sound of Music”
  2. When was the song “What a Wonderful World” released?
    Answer: September 1, 1967
  3. The opening line of the song “The Sound of Silence” is?
    Answer: “Hello darkness my old friend”
  4. What was the age of the girl in the song “The Girl from Ipanema”?
    Answer: 17
  5. The song “Respect” was written by whom?
    Answer: Otis Redding

50s Music Trivia

  1. What music dominated popular music in the 1950s?
    Answer: Rock and roll
  2. Before Billboard when did the American music and entertainment magazine start publishing Hot 100 charts?
    Answer: 1958
  3. When did Nat King Cole record the song “too Young”?
    Answer: 6 Feb 1951
  4. ‘Blue Tango’ is an instrumental music composition by whom?
    Answer: Leroy Anderson
  5. According to Billboard magazine, What was the number-one song of 1957?
    Answer: All Shook Up

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