Morning mindbender Trivia questions and answers

40 Best Morning Mindbender Trivia Questions [Charge Your Brain]

Challenge Yourself to Achieve 100% Quiz Result on Morning MindBender Trivia Questions and Answers

Our mind is full of many things and they keep running in the background when we asleep and it feels us lazy when we wake up in the morning, Always some ingredients needed to overcome such situations, A strong tea, coffee or something.

Charge your brain by crazy best Morning Mindbender Trivia Questions and answers stayed of any coffee or tea.

Morning Mindbender Trivia Questions List

  1. Every animal loves to eat food, Do you know which kind of species love to eat Spicy food?
  2. From the research Instant foods are bad for health, So What Chips cause more Waight gain than other Instant food?
    Patato Chips
  3. There are many crazy amazing things that happen by Women, then What is the 1st thing a girl does after a breakup with her boyfriend?
    Unfriend From Facebook
  4. In 1950, there were 7% people loved to do this with their hair, but now it increases to 70%, do you know what is that thing?
    Hair Dye
  5. The fruit tests good and very hygienic for health have no seed and can’t be reproduced, What is the name of this fruit?
  6. Almost all kind of humans change their households after 10 years of distance, what is the name of the product?
    Vacum Cleaner
  7. Usually Threw Which type of conversation, One Person does that many times to another person to convince him?
    Sending Text Msg
  8. Then what happens if you threw a red rock into the deep black Ocean?
    It would Srink
  9. The word becomes longer if you add 2 more letters to it, What is the word?
  10. What is the name of the thing that is very light in weight but you can’t hold it for 3 minutes?
  11. How is it possible, If born in 1980 and died in 1990 but was 80 years old?
    She born in hospital in room 1980 and died in room 1990
  12. What is the generally asked question, You don’t answer honestly?
    Are you sleaping?
  13. What is the easiest procedure to double up your money in real-time?
    Put all of your money infront of Mirror
  14. What is the name of the thing that always goes up and down but in a matter of time it remains the same?
  15. What is the name of the thing has very precious for us have tail and head but nobody?
    A Coin
  16. Use your six senses and tell me, How many balls you can put in a fully empty container?
    1 Ball (After pu1 ball it would not be empty)
  17. What are the two things even the richest person can’t afford in his dinner?
    Breakfast and Lunch
  18. If you are on an electric train and it running fast to the west then what is the direction of gas from the train?
    Electric Train have no gas
  19. Have you ever mark before, What is the middle of China if you concentrate on it?
    The letter “I”
  20. A fully loaded big ship going towards the Island and the Island, What is common in both of them?
    Both in Water
  21. Which animal’s jump is its hobby and looks sitting when actually it is standing?
  22. The thing would become bigger as expected but you can’t weigh it, What is it?
    Shadow of anything
  23. Just imagine, If someone would pull you from the 110th floor of a building, Can you survive?
    Can you stop smagine?
  24. Have you ever noticed, What you broke every time you speak?
    Your Silence
  25. How many numbers contain in Alphabet?

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