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101+ Amazing Harry Potter Trivia Questions and Answers

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Somehow, we forgot things which passed away from us, but some things or moments are placed in our mind, like the movie Harry Potter, the movie which was started in 2001 and won everyone’s heart and specially collected the attention of every teenager. In 2021 for a teenager, it would be a great movie, the story, representations, and places are awesome inside the movie, and everyone wanted to live such a lifestyle.

1st before the movie, Harry Potter is a Novel has written by J.K Rowling, a British author who went very popular for that novel. The movie cast by three famous characters as Harry (Daniel Jacob Radcliffe), Ron (Rupert Alexander Lloyd Grint), and Hermione (Emma Watson), acted a perfect role of friendship. It made Harry Potter the most popular movie in the world.

No matter how much time you have seen the movie, it’s matters how much you understand or feel it deeply in your heart. To make your memory fresh, we have collected some easy and hard Harry Potter trivia questions for you. Moreover, you can visit our other trivia Questions and answers section if you are fond of anything like Animals, Science, movies, Space, Sport.

Show your love and attention to best Harry Potter Trivia Questions and Answers.

List of Best Harry Potter Trivia Questions and Answers

  1. Who is the Writer of Harry Potter?
  2. How many Magical random path-changing staircases does Hogwarts have?
  3. Where does Harry’s uncle Vernon Dursley work, and what does his company produce?
    Grunnings, a drill manufacturer
  4. Beginning Of the Movie, what is the name of Harry’s best friend?
    Ron Weasley
  5. In Harry Potter Movie, What is the max speed for a Firebolt broomstick?
    150 mph.
  6. How much does a ticket cost if it includes hot chocolate?
    14 sickles.
  7. Not Mentioned all-time in Movie, What was Ginny Weasley’s full name?
    Ginevra Molly Weasley?
  8. What is the name of the house at Hogwarts does Harry belong to?
  9. What has to happen to you for you to see a terrestrial?
    You have to see somebody die
  10. In Quidditch Game, What position does Harry play on his team?
  11. Who dies in the sixth Harry Potter movie series?
  12. What is the reason behind Harry’s scar on his forehead?
    Lord Voldemort killed Harry’s parents when he was a baby and tried to kill Harry.
  13. Who falls in love with Lupin?
    Nyphadora Tonks
  14. Who is Fluffy inside Hogwarts?
    three-headed dog
  15. who plays the role of Draco Malfoy in Harry Potter Film Seris?
    Tom Felton
  16. What magical power do the dementors have over people?
    drain peace, hope and happiness
  17. What does the Marauder’s Map show in Hogwarts?
    the location of everyone at the school
  18. What does the Imperius Curse do?
    control the actions of another person
  19. Who acts as Mad-Eye Moody, Harry’s 4th year Defense Opposite the Dark Arts professor?
    Barty Crouch, Jr.
  20. What is the middle name of Remus Lupins?
  21. Which Professor kills Professor Dumbledore in Infront of Harry?
    Severus Snape
  22. How does Harry catch his first snitch in his First Quidditch Game?
    in his mouth
  23. What was Mr. Crouch’s house Name?
  24. What magical talent does Harry connect with Lord Voldemort?
  25. Who were the marauders in Harry Porter Film Seris?
    Remus Lupin, Peter Pettigrew, Sirius Black, and James Potter.
  26. How did Moaning Myrtle die in the Movie?
    the basilisk
  27. Who is the gamekeeper at Hogwarts in “Harry Potter”?
  28. How Was Harry Saved by Fawkes the Phoenix?
    with his tears
  29. What is the Serial Number of “The Order of The Phoenix” in Harry Porter Film Seris?
  30. Who is the Rone’s Rat in Harry Porter Film Series?
    Peter Pettigrew
  31. what house does Harry belong to in School in “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix” film series?
  32. What Gadget Helped Hermione to Take Extra Class in Movie?
  33. Whom does Harry ask for directions to Platform 9 3/4?
    Molly Weasley
  34. Why was the Whomping Willow planted?
    Remus Lupin
  35. The dog Protect the 3rd-floor corridor, Named What?
  36. What is Patronus Harry Potter in a Movie?
    a stag
  37. What are the names of Harry’s Rude Uncle and Aunt, Who badly take care of Harry after his Parents Death?
    Vernon and Petunia Dursley
  38. Nagini Know as What?
    Voldemort’s Snake
  39. What House is the Name of the House Luna Lovegood Belongs to?
    the cerebral Ravenclaw
  40. How has Harry freed Dobby from serving the Malfoy’s?
    a sock
  41. What is Sirius’ older brother’s name?
  42. In Harry Potter Series, How many books are there?
  43. What are Gryffindor’s colors?
    Red and gold
  44. How many children does Harry have at the end of the movie?
  45. Who does Harry potter’s wife after the movie’s End?
    Ginny Weasley
  46. What is the Name Of Harry Potter’s Kid in the Movie?
  47. In the Movie, What is the name of Draco’s kid?
  48. Who is one of the headmasters of Hogwarts during the time Harry Potter attended school?
    Albus Dumbledore
  49. Harry tried 1st-time Cruciatus Curse on Whom?
    Bellatrix Lestrange
  50. Harry belongs to Voldemort in some sort of way, Is it True/False?
  51. What Was Punishment for Draco given by Mad-Eye Moody?
    A ferret

Harry Potter Trivia Questions with Facts; (People Also Search For)

Who is Harry Potter?

Harry Potter is a prime character in the Harry Potter film series, who survived Lord Voldemort’s attack in his childhood. Also, he is best known for “The Boy Who Lived” has spoken many times in the Harry Potter movie series.

 What is Harry Potter?

As a name, it is a fictional character of J.K Rowling’s novel series. The book covers multiple series which has interconnected by each other. Apart from that is a novel or film series accepted by millions in the world.

How Many Harry Potter Movies in There?

The movie series is inspired by J.K Rowling’s novel, distributed by the most popular film production Warner Brows, and cast by Danial Redcliffe, Emma Watson, and Rupert Grint. The film series contains 8 movies, the 1st part is “Harry Potter and Philosophers Stone,” and the last one is “Harry Potter and Deadly Hollow Part 2”.

Where to watch Harry Potter?

There are hundreds of platforms allowing users to visit their websites or apps to live stream movies. Prime Videos and Netflix are the popular movies stemming platforms where you can watch the Harry Potter series.

How many Harry Potter books are there?

Harry Potter is best known for 8 popular movie series, except that author J.K Rowling wrote seven fantasy book series.

Where does Harry Potter movie filmed?

The Harry Potter film series was filmed in multiple locations inside the United Kingdom, or fictional locations were filmed inside Leavesden Film Studios and others in London, Oxford, and Scotland.

When Did Harry Potter comes out?

Harry has invited to Hogwarts in the years of 12 April 2001 and found awaiting troubles around him and also found friend support.

Who Plays Harry Potter character?

Jacob Saunders plays child Harry in Harry Potter philosopher stone. Danial Redcliffe is best known for the fictional character Harry Potter, which had started in the year 2001 with Harry Potter Philosophers stone and ended in 2011 with Harry Potter And Deadly Hollow Part 2.

What genre Harry Potter is?

Harry Potter is counted as Fantasy Fiction, Drama, Young Adult Fiction, mystery, thriller, etc. According to movie script and visualization, you can choose “Fantasy Fiction” as its primary genre.

What is the Name of 1st Harry Potter Movie?

Harry Potter movie series consists of 8 popular movies, cast by many popular film stars. Among from movie series, the name of the 1st movie series is “Harry Potter Philosophers Stone.

Who wrote Harry Potter?

J.K Rowling is a British writer, is best known for the fictional Book series of Harry Potter consist of 7 popular fictional Books, which has started published between 1997 to 2007.

Who drew Harry Potter movie?

All the eight Harry Potter series had been drawing by the film production company Warner Bros and Directed by 4 directors names Chirs Columbus, Alfonso Cuaron, Mike Newell, and David yates.

When was harry potter burn?

Harry Potter was born on the Writer J.K Rowling’s birthday on 13 July 1980, and the harry potter real-life star Danial Redcliffe burn on 23 July 1989.

How tall harry potter is?

A: Harry Potter’s primary character is Danial Redcliffe has a height of 1.5m (5’5”) in real life in 2021.

When was Harry Potter written?

The 1st book of the Harry Potter series, “Harry Potter Philosopher Stone,” was published in 1997.

What was the Order of Harry Potter movies?

Harry Potter philosopher Stone (2001)
Harry Potter Chambers of Secrete (2002)
Harry Potter Prisoners of Azkaban (2004)
Harry Potter and Goblet of Fire (2005)
Harry Potter Order of Phoenix (2007)
Harry Potter Half-blood Prince (2009)
Harry Potter and And Deadly Hollow Part 1 (2010)
Harry Potter and And Deadly Hollow Part 2 (2011)
Who does Harrys Potter Marry?

Who Marry Harry Potter?

From the 3rd part of the Harry Potter movie, Harry had loved Ginnie Wisley, and end of the movie, Harry married her.

Who played Voldemort in Harry Potter Movie?

The fictional character “Lord Voldemort” sobriquet for Tom Riddle is played by many after the completed the 1st part (Harry Potter Philosopher Stone), The Harry Potter made the second part name “Harry Potter Chambers of Secret” in 2002.rs, they are Ralph Fiennes, Hero Fiennes Tiffin, Cristian Coulson, Eddie Izzard, Frank Dillane, Richard Bremmer & Maxence Danet-Fluval.

What is the name of Second harry potter movie?

After completed the 1st part (Harry Potter Philosopher Stone), Harry Potter made the second part name “Harry Potter Chambers of Secret” in 2002.

Who played Dumbledore in Harry Potter movie?

Dumbledore’s character was played by famous British actor Richard Harris in “Harry Potter Philosopher Stone” and “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secret.” After his death, the rest of the Harry Potter movies were acted by Michael Gambon.

How old was harry potter in the 1st Movie?

According to the movie, the fictional character Harry was played by Danial Redcliffe in 1st realize of Harry Potter Philosopher stone, and he was 11 years old.

Who gave Harry Potter the invisibility clock?

Like a protector of Harry from evil things inside the school, the Headmaster “Albus Dumbledore” gave Harry the invisible clock for good faith.

Who gave Harry Potter the invisibility clock?

Like a protector of Harry from evil things inside the school, the Headmaster “Albus Dumbledore” gave Harry the invisible clock for good faith.

How Long are the Harry Potter movies?

All of the Harry Potter movie series has approximately 18hr run time, If you counts individually then,
Harry Potter Philosophers Stone (2h 39m)
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (2h 22m)
Harry Potter and the Goblet of fire (2h 37m)
Harry Potter and the chambers of Secret (2h 54m)
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (2h 34m)
Harry Potter and the deadly Hollow Part 1 (2h 26m)
Harry Potter and the deadly Hollow part 2 (2h 10m)
How many pages in Harry Potter book 1?

How many numbers of pages of Harry Potter Philosophers Stone.

A: The extremely thriller book (Harry Potter the Philosophers Stone) by J.K Rowling consist of 223 the total numbers of pages.

Who played snape in Harry Potter?

Professor Snape is a jewel character fictional of the Harry Potter movie series, who was always acting as the hidden protector of Harry and was played primely by Alan Rickman. 

Harry Potter actors who died in Real Life?

The list of Harry Potter movie stars died in real life:
Alan Rickman (Professor Snape)
Richard Harris (Albus Dumbledore)
Richard Griffiths (Harry’s Uncle)
John Hurt (Owner of Ollivender)
Rik Mayall
Derek Deadman
Dave Legeno (Voldemort’s bad Guy)
Roger Lloyd Pack (Barty Crouch Sr.)
Timothy Bateson (Kreacher)
Verne Troyer (Employee At Gringotts)
What is the fourth Harry Potter movie?

What is the Name of 4th Harry Potter Movie?

The 4th successful Harry Potter movie part is “Harry Potter and Goblet of Fire,” released in 2005.

Which twin died in Harry Potter?

During the war in Hogwarts in Harry Potter deadly hollow part 2, Fred was killed by an explosion.

How long is Harry Potter 2?

The movie “Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix” is 2h 22m, Which is the average time period of all the Harry Potter movie series.

Who is the half-blood prince in Harry Potter?

The name half-blood prince has belonged to a smart genius boy in Hogwarts. After he grew up and became one of the professors of Hogwarts. We also know him as Professor Snape.

Why did Voldemort want to kill Harry Potter?

This is because the former professor said that “the lord Voldemort would be defeated by a child born at the end of July,” the same day when was harry born. So, for this reason, Voldemort wanted to kill Harry.

Who Wrote the Music for Harry Potter?

The Harry Potter movie series has many music composers and composed of many soundtracks. But the theme of the movie music created by “John Williams”, Which has used in all Harry Potter with modified versions.

Who Directed the Harry Potter Movie?

The Harry Potter has written by J.K Rowling and has directed by four experienced directors names David Yates, Mike Newell, Alfonso Cuaron, Chris Columbus.

What are the seven horcruxes in Harry Potter series?

There are seven Horcruxes in movies those Harry, Ron, and Hermione finding, the prime regions to kill Lord Voldemort, the name of the Horcruxes are Tom riddles Diary, Marvolo Gaunt’s Ring, Salazar Slytherin’s Locket, Helga Hufflepuff’s Cup, Rowena Ravenclaw’s Diadem, Harry Potter himself, Nagini (Voldemort’s Snake).
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Why was Harry Potter so Popular?

There are many reasons to love the Harry Potter series, the writer of the movie has described character amazingly, Direction is perfectly organized, and character choosing also.
Mainly they showed the childhood things from different virtual world’s which definitely melts everyone’s hearts. After seeing the movie, everyone desired to be a part of such a world.
The school where teach students about magics is amazing, and kids were brave, not all they mention their leaders, friendship, relation bonding and overcoming the fear.

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