Art Trivia Questions and Answers

89+ Well Arranged Art Trivia Questions and Answers

You Landed here, Which truly indicates that your strong passion and love for art, before starting the art trivia questions and answers, Let’s figures out something about it.

What do you mean by Art?

Is it any casual drawing or painting in your point of view, It not actually? Art is a skill that will power to create or paint something beautiful or touchy if you want an actual definition. It may be anything you passionate about, Which creates differences and attract others.

Did you know the word “Art,” Where does it come from, and what is the classification? You don’t know, right.

So now, What are the benefits of the below Art trivia? Why we have collected the Art Quiz questioned and arranged the platform. The only mote to educate more and more people abut it. If truly you truly passionate about Art and improve your knowledge by our brain exercise, you must attain our Art trivia questions and answers section.

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Art Trivia Questions and Answers

  1. What is the name of the country, Where the famous Vincent van Gogh belonged to?
    Spoiler title
    The Netherland
  2. When and where did the Baroque of architechture began?
    Spoiler title
    Rome in 16th Century
  3. Where does the Word “Baroque” came from?
    Spoiler title
  4. What is the date of birth of Leonado da vinci
    Spoiler title
    15 April 1452
  5. Wnen & where did Wassily Kandinsky born?
    Spoiler title
    16th (4), 1866 in Moscow
  6. Whre is The Louvre Art musium located?
    Spoiler title
  7. The picture monalisa painted by whom?
    Spoiler title
    Leonardo Da Vinci
  8. What is the name of the older brother of Leonardo Da Vinci, Who died at birth?
    Spoiler title
  9. What is the perfossion of Leonardo Da vinci?
    Spoiler title
    Artist, Engineer & Scientist
  10. When did Jackson Pollock died?
    Spoiler title
    11 Aug 1956
  11. He started using synthetic resin-based paints called?
    Spoiler title
    alkyd enamels
  12. What was the profession of Leonardo Da Vinci?
    Spoiler title
    Florentine notary
  13. Who was the first 19th-century artists to paint modern life?
    Spoiler title
    Édouard Manet
  14. Where and when did he born?
    Spoiler title
    Paris on 23 January 1832
  15. When did Édouard Manet sailed on a training vessel to Rio de Janeiro
    Spoiler title
  16. Where did the Leonardo Da Vinci died?
    Spoiler title
    Château du Clos Lucé
  17. The picture of nepoleon crossing the alps painted by whom?
    Spoiler title
    Jacques-Louis David
  18. What are the names of two daughters of poblo Picasso?
    Spoiler title
    Paloma Picassoo and Maya Wildmalar Picasso
  19. The pinting “the Starry Night” pinted by whom?
    Spoiler title
    Vincent van Gogh
  20. When did Leonardo Da Vinci moved to Milan?
    Spoiler title
  21. In which method of work Pablo Picassoo attaching peaper to canvas?
    Spoiler title
  22. In 20th century the which two Museum added to Smithsonian?
    Spoiler title
    Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden
  23. In which year Leonardo Da Vinci became a member of Painter’s Guild?
    Spoiler title
  24. Surrealism Art associated with which artist?
    Spoiler title
    Salvador Dali
  25. Old Dutch Cleanser’s logo designed by which artist?
    Spoiler title
    Georgia O’Keefe
  26. “Madonna of the Rosary” was painted by whom?
    Spoiler title
  27. “Phillies Diner” pained by whom at night?
    Spoiler title
  28. “Helda pictures” strongly associated with whom?
    Spoiler title
    Andrew Wyeth
  29. Who Invented the Royograph?
    Spoiler title
    Man Ray
  30. Kiss by the Hotel De ville was taken by?
    Spoiler title
    Robert Doisneau
  31. The artist Charles Nègre is best known for what?
    Spoiler title
    His photographs of Paris
  32. in which Century Oil Painting has been started?
    Spoiler title
    14th Century
  33. The Artists mostly store their paintings where?
    Spoiler title
    animal Bladders
  34. When did Acrylic Paint Only Became Commercially Available?
    Spoiler title
  35. how much time oil paints takes to dry?
    Spoiler title
    10 Minutes to 2 hours
  36. When didi the spary paints was invented?
    Spoiler title
  37. Who made over 700 copies of Older Works Of Art?
    Spoiler title
    Young Edgar Degas
  38. In which age Rembrandt opened his first art stidio?
    Spoiler title
    age of 19
  39. In his lifetime how many paintings were sold by Van gogh?
    Spoiler title
  40. Le Demoiselles D’Avignon was painted by whom?
    Spoiler title
  41. The Sistine Chapel’s ceiling was painted by?
    Spoiler title
  42. Pardo Art gallary is situated in which city?
    Spoiler title
  43. Why Vincent Van Gagh left art profession?
    Spoiler title
    To Became a Prist
  44. “The Kiss” painted by?
    Spoiler title
    Gustav Klimt

Art Trivia Questions (People Also Ask For)

How do you Define art?

Art is generally something done by someone maybe some product or any public activity which defines the artistic sense, targeting some kind of emotion or idea.

What should good Art do?

Good art always gives a feeling of peace of mind and helps artists open up their thoughts to beautiful arts.
If we talk about everyone, then the judgments on arts always different by different people.

What makes art so valuable?

The value of the painting is always changing and makes it more valuable during the auction when people started bidding on it Because of the paint or something they actually want.

What makes art Good or Bad?

It always depends on the artist’s mind while he expresses his sense, and it reflects from his positive memory, its originality, and the story of his past.
That means in his art reflects violence, then you might be considered as bad.

Why is Monalisa so Famous?

Monalisa fame is the most popular artwork by Leonardo Da Vinci as a result of many circumstances combined with the painting’s inherent appeal.

What are 7 different forms of Art?

The subdivision of arts is categorized as painting, Architecture, Sculpture, Literature, Music, and film series, and the seven forms of arts are logic, grammar, rhetoric, geometry, music, and astronomy.

What is the power of art?

Art is the feelings of every artist and people, The power of art motivates them to think positively and differently to express the feelings in different ways of making something.

Are artist born or made?

The training of art and talent of art both could be born and thought, If someone has the inborn art quality then it can make him easy otherwise it can be possible by learning and practicing from experts.

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