How fast can an antelope run

How Fast Can An Antelope Run? [Force, Technique, Top Speed]

Discover the top speed of an Antelope and What are the body parts helps an antelope to run Faster.

Antelopes are rarely found and the second-fastest land animal on the earth and very similar to common deers. They are very loveable and beautiful for a human eye because of their smooth golden or multi-color hair and long spiral or twisted shaped horns. But When we think about the antelopes, Our thought reflects to “speed” that how fast can an antelope run?

The speed of an antelope always depends on the structure of its body (Body Parts), as well the classifications of species that means the family where antelopes belong to. Antelopes’ top speed is 98Km/h (60.89 Mph), as quite low as the cheetah. As we know, Cheetah is a commonly known preditor of antelopes, but sometimes antelopes beat cheetah by using techniques while running.

Speed of An Antelope (Km/h)

How fast can an antelope Run?
Speed Of an Antelope

An antelope’s speed is varying on many factors like its body structure, animal classification, and nutrition. We are human, and we always have better diet plans as per our needs, but we can’t run very fast like antelopes because of our body’s structure. But The antelopes belong to the family of Bovidae, and You can count the animals from the Bovidae family-like African Buffalo, Water buffalo, sheep, goats, Domestic cattle are the average fastest land animals are very good runners by nature.

Antelopes are the world’s second-fastest land animals and mammals on earth. Antelopes can reach speeds around 98Km per hour, and they maintain a constant speed of 48Km per hour. Such speed of all antelopes starts from their child ages, and It might be the reason that helps them defend themselves from predators.

What Makes Antelopes Runs Faster (Physical Structure)

It may strike in your brain and raise the question that what is the reason that antelopes run faster or what makes antelopes run faster. As I told above, among various factors, the major and effective one is the body parts of antelopes. It majorly helps antelopes to occur at 98 km/h top speed without any hassle. The speed is easy for antelopes because they have learned it from childhood to escape from predators like the cheetah.

Antelopes are generally big in size, and For better habitat, antelopes mostly seen in Africa’s rainforest.

Each antelope contains compulsory many kinds of horns according to their classification and different kind of toes. Horns of the antelopes come in various shapes, and it helps the Antelopes protect themselves from Predators. But is it not directly helps them to moves faster.

The reason for the speed of an antelope is its legs, Toes, and weight. The legs of an antelope are much stronger than out thought when they started running it works smoothly with a balanced force that’s why an antelope moves faster up to 98 km/h, As well helps to long jump and quick navigation.

How they defend Themselves from Predators

Antelope and cheetah Fight
Antelope and cheetah Fight

Antelopes species are very peaceful in nature and do not capable of hunting. For nutrition, they depend on the grassland of the forest. So the most of the antelopes’ species are found in the rain forest of the African savannah.

Always the antelopes have been hunted by wildlife animals like cheetah and others. But that’s not true sometimes; they defend themselves from good runners hunters of the jungle.

For such time happens, antelopes use their maximum strength to their legs and toes to achieve a maximum speed then predators following them. It also shifts the navigation and jumps asymmetrically on the running path for distraction by maintaining a constant speed. By chance, it would not work, and the hunter comes closer to the antelope use its horn to beat.

Other Antelopes and Their Speed

With the search of “how fast can an antelope run,” we will explore the types of similar antelopes and how fast they are compared to others.

Wildlife animals are a gift from gods and very different from others, and having much extraordinary ability. It always impacts human life in various ways. There is much more thing to learn from them.

Pronghorn Antelope:

  • Common Name: Pronghorn (North American Antelope)
  • Type: Mammals
  • Top Speed:
  • Scientific Name: Pronghorn Antelope
  • Nutrition: Herbivore
  • Life Span: 11 Years
  • Weight: 90-150 Pound
  • Length:
  • Source: National Geographics


  • Common Name:
  • Type: Mammals
  • Speed: 55 mph
  • Scientific Name: Antidorcas marsupialis
  • Nutrition: Herbivore
  • Life Span: 7-9 years
  • Weight: Male: 73 – 110 lbs (Adult), Female: 66 – 97 lbs (Adult)

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