About Us: How & Why

I’m very glad to see you here and showing your interest to know about “Trivia Earth”. With goodwill, we had started Trivia Earth on 18 March 2021, the days before 4 months ago. We could not decide to stop here, there are lots of things to do in Trivia Earth.

Who We are?

Nihar Ranjan Gahan


Ashok Parmer


The Story: There was no specific plan to develop Trivia Earth, One day before 5 months from today (18 Aug 2021). I was working on a blog, at the same time Ashok shared a website with me to analyze its SEO and other technical things. And the site was all about facts and quizzes but 10 Questions with Answers on a single page.

The site was good with very web traffic but not well designed and poor page speed, which might be because of lots of Advertisements. Then I thought, Users might be unhappy with that website and If I would develop a new website with better Visual, Low page Speed, and High-quality information, I could generate more audience than such website. Then I talk to Ashok and told him that I am going to build Trivia Questions and Answers Site, He Agreed.

Then We registered the Domain on 02 Feb 2021, Hosted it and started working on the design of the site, and also completed it in 5 days and started posting, But the design of our site was not better than our competitor it might be the reason we were heeding other websites. As well we have faced some other issues with content creation and content publishing.

For the resolution, Again we started planning to redesign the site which would differ from our competitor, and republish posts by using some WordPress plugins and that plan worked, We uploaded a ready-made theme and plugin.

Finally, We solved the Design, Content Creation, and Site Speed Issue and started focusing on research on quality content creation.

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Trivia Questions and Answers
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Achievements of Trivia Earth

It was a big challenge to create a user-friendly site for trivia questions and answers. With many difficulties, We succeed to develop the site and continuing to update content.

It had started showing an impression on Google Webmaster after two months of site update on google and been increasing anonymously. We are still not getting satisfying web traffic but we are working hard to build quality content for our audience.

As well, For Website maintenance, Trivia Earth has been using Google Adsense for monetization. The number of Ad-Clicks is low, for which we are getting a small amount earning through it.

Assets & Preparation

Web Hosting: Linux Business Hosting By FlickMax

CMS: WordPress (For Better Site Rank and User-Friendly Panel)

Theme: Smart Mag Pro (Ready-Made WordPress themes for Good Visual)


  1. Swift Profomance (For Better Site Profomance and Advence Cacheing)
  2. RankMath Pro (For On-Page SEO, Analytics & Automatic Sitemap)
  3. Co-Blocks (For Accordian and other blocks)
  4. Easy-Table of Content (For Better Post Navigation)

Content Preparation: We are very serious about content creation, We know everyone loves quality and correct information for research and study. For our readers, we collect information from trusted sources Like Wikipedia, Youtube, and other popular websites. Also, we never like to break the relation with our readers by posting copy-written content published elsewhere.

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Why Trivia Earth?

There are over the Internet 1000s of websites that have information about various kinds of trivia questions and answers. But We believe in our process of work and we know the needs of our readers. For better information and depth knowledge, We research and collect information from trusted sources.