About Us

Trivia Earth is a platform that serves well-researched trivia questions on various topics that matter in education and day-to-day life. From the water of the Atlantic to mountains on Mars, We have covered all for our readers.

About Nihar

Hi…I’m Nihar, the man behind Trivia Earth. I am a freelancer frontend developer & a very curious person who has a strong intention to get knowledge from everything related to human existence.

Besides that, I’m a true trivia devotee who loves to play trivia games and participate in GDs (Group discussions) to highlight social issues. Then my curiosity turned me to design a platform accumulated with learnable facts that could enlighten all entertainingly.

See, What I developed, Trivia Earth, the platform that is better, friendly, and easy to access for everyone.

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The simple math is,

The more we learn, the more we grow.